MEYREUIL, july 2018Optimum Tracker and NEXTracker concluded this month a commercial, technical and industrial partnership that was under discussion since February. This collaboration was developed in order to grow synergies between both companies.

In 2017 solar trackers were present on 25% of installed solar power plants in the world. By lowering the LCOE of installations, solar tracking is becoming more and more unavoidable and should reach 50% of installed power plants by 2021.

With projects in Turkey, Tunisia, Kenya, Senegal and Pakistan, Optimum Tracker began to enter new markets a few years ago. This new collaboration with the World leader is the occasion for Optimum Tracker to strengthen financially and to extend its presence in Africa thanks to new joint projects with NEXTracker that will begin at the end of 2018.

We are delighted to work together with NEXTracker for the next years”, explained Optimum Tracker’s President and Co-Founder Yacin de Welle. “This collaboration will help us both to enhance our products and propose state-of-the-art innovations making solar energy an always cheaper and more efficient energy. Thanks to the complementarity between our companies we also expect to reach numerous markets worldwide in the coming years.”

“This partnership with Optimum Tracker enables emerging solar markets greater access to our advanced smart solar tracker technology,” stated Dan Shugar, NEXTracker CEO. “Optimum Tracker has long been incorporating advanced algorithms and optimization techniques into its tracker. With Optimum’s proven technology and relationships based in Europe and fast-growing regions such as Africa, nascent solar markets will be able to deploy smart yield optimization to support further global utility-scale solar growth.”

Indeed Optimum Tracker developed for example the Opti-SkyControl, an algorithm allowing trackers to capture diffuse light during cloudy weather. Thanks to this feature, the global production of the power plant increase even more than compared to other trackers systems.

NEXTracker’s technology has now been installed on solar power plants around the world – reaching over 13 GW in North and South America, Asia and Africa.

The synergy between both companies exists also on the technological and the geographical plan. That should make Optimum Tracker and NEXTracker weigh even more in the developing of solar trackers – and by the way of photovoltaic energy, in the world.


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