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Join the innovation hub!
Start a career with Optimum Tracker, a recognized "Great Place to Work". Our commitment to employee well-being sets us apart as an employer of choice!

Job Openings

We also prioritize mobility and internal growth, ensuring opportunities for advancement within the company.

Explore various professions at Optimum Tracker, ranging from engineering to project development, including roles such as :

- Solar Project Engineer,
- R&D Specialist,
- Administrative Support,
- Project Manager,
- Human Resources Specialist,
- Financial Manager.

Responsable Qualité
Project Engineering

Meyreuil, France

Why choose to work at Optimum Tracker ?

At Optimum Tracker, we are always on the lookout for talented persons to join our team.
We regularly post job offers, but we also welcome spontaneous applications.
Choosing Optimum Tracker means enjoying various advantages, including professional growth opportunities, a positive work culture, and the chance to contribute to the solar revolution! 

  • Great place to work: Certified as a "Great Place to Work," we prioritize creating a positive and thriving work environment.
  • Close-knit team: Join our team of 30 employees in Meyreuil, near Aix en Provence, where collaboration drives our success.
  • Dynamic ambition: Become part of an energetic, dynamic, and ambitious team where innovation is ingrained in our DNA.
  • Continuous development: We are dedicated to the ongoing development of innovative sun tracker products, showcasing a high level of technical expertise.

Equality in compensation

At Optimum Tracker, we believe in modern workplace values, including equal pay for equal work. We are committed to maintaining an equitable salary structure for all employees. This is our company culture, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.


Our workspaces are designed to inspire collaboration and creativity. From modern offices to dedicated project areas,
we provide an environment that fosters innovation.

Common living space:
Equipped with breakfast amenities and more

Quarterly seated massages:
Offered for relaxation.

Outdoor crossfit sessions:
Led by professional instructors every Thursday!

After-work activities:
A lot of events are regularly organized to promote team bonding and well-being.

Recruitment process : FAQs

How can I apply for a job at Optimum Tracker?

You can explore our current job openings on our website. We also accept spontaneous applications; simply send your resume and cover letter to

What is the average duration of the recruitment process?

The duration varies based on the position, but we aim for a thorough and efficient process. Expect updates within 2 weeks from the submission of your application.

What can I expect from the interview process?

Our interview process is designed to assess both your skills and cultural fit within Optimum Tracker. It typically consists of several stages:

1. Phone interview
2. Interview with Human Resources and Department Manager
3. Interview with the CEO or President

Additionally, there may be assessments or tests, such as personality evaluations or job-specific assessments, conducted during the interview.

Are there opportunities for career advancement within Optimum Tracker?

Absolutely! We encourage professional growth and provide opportunities for career advancement based on skills, performance and dedication. We value internal talent development and actively support employees' career progression.

Is Optimum Tracker an equal opportunity employer?

Yes, diversity and equal opportunities are fundamental values at Optimum Tracker. We foster an inclusive workplace where everyone's work is valued

What training and development opportunities are available for employees?

We prioritize the continuous development of our team members. Training programs and professional development opportunities are provided to enhance skills and knowledge. Additionally, we have a mentorship program in place to provide guidance and support for career growth.

Is there a probationary period for new hires?

Yes, new hires typically undergo a probationary period. This allows both the employee and Optimum Tracker to assess the fit and suitability for the role.

Does Optimum Tracker support remote work or telecommuting?

Yes, Optimum Tracker values a healthy work-life balance and supports flexible working arrangements. For employees on contracts, one day per week of telecommuting is allowed (this option is not available for interns). Additionally, employees on contracts with more than 35 hours per week are entitled to RTT (reduction of working time) days for additional flexibility and time off.