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3rd generation tracker for utility-scale photovoltaic power plants

The solar tracker is a mount for PV modules, that allows to track the sun from dawn to dusk so as to increase the output of utility-scale PV power plants up to 30% compared to fixed structures.

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« Recent studies show that solar will, in the future, be the major source of energy. The price of KWh is already competitive with those of nuclear and fossil fuels. Optimum Tracker is positioned as an important contributor to the current global energy transition. »

Yacin De Welle

Yacin De Welle


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Métouia_Tunisia_Power Plant

Optimum Tracker technologies chosen for their robustness in Tunisia

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This small power plant is designed to withstand a desert climate and the salty humidity, justifying the choice of O-Track Hz.

O-Track Agri - Sun'Agri Program

Agrivoltaics: the future of a dynamic and sustainable agronomy

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What if solar power plants were teamed up with crops sensitive to global warming? This was the gamble taken by the company Sun’R seven years ago, which has now been joined by Optimum Tracker and a large number of academic and industrial partners through the Sun’Agri R&D program.