Total, Optimum Tracker’s new ally

Maydan De Welle dans le lancement de « Total pool PME ». 19 avril 2019.

After the agreement of an important solar tracker project realization between these two companies, Optimum Tracker was one of the 10 companies selected to be part of the 2019 Total Pool PME – Lauréat 2019 program, which consists in supporting the growth and development of the 10 selected SMEs.

For one-year, Optimum Tracker will benefit from:

  • International support via the mechanism proposed by Total Regional Development (participation in business missions abroad; hosting of VIEs and employees in the group’s subsidiaries),
  • Connecting with other major groups (invitation to Total’s Supplier Say, presentation to our strategic suppliers, sponsorship with other key accounts),
  • Support for executives (meetings with Total experts in the fields of law, management, strategy and access to certain internal training courses).



Total is a privately-held French company that produces and distributes natural gas fuels and low-carbon electricity. It is one of the world’s six largest super majors in the sector, along with ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron, BP and ConocoPhillips. It is the leading French company in terms of turnover in 2015, the 5th largest in Europe and the 24th largest in the world, as well as the 4th largest market capitalization in the euro zone in 2015.



Founded in 2009, Optimum Tracker is an innovation-driven company that specializes in design, manufacturing, commercialization and maintenance of patented Solar Trackers and Fixed-tilt Structures for Utility Scale Solar Plants. Our mission is to grow the contribution of solar power in the global energy mix by making it increasingly competitive. In order to increase the value of our partners’ assets, we offer simple and robust solutions always originated from customer’s needs and common sense.