O-Track® Hz is a range of horizontal single-axis trackers that increase solar plant production up to 27% compared with a fixed-tilt installation.

The Optimum Tracker team works hard to ensure your success, incorporating innovative software and state-of-the-art mechanical engineering into all of our products. We also consult closely with contractors and EPCs to develop our products, enhance safety and durability, and reduce installation costs. Jump into the 3rd generation of sun trackers with O-Track Hz!



The sky mapping performed by the Opti-sky Sensor© and powerful algorithms allow a real-time optimization of the tracking, following the sky’s brightness variations and increasing the efficiency until 2% .


The O-Track HZ has been designed with the ease of access in mind. Independent tracker rows facilitate circulation within the PV plant, ease maintenance and cleaning.


A special tracking process is at work to prevent solar panels to cast their shadows on each other. The result is an optimized yield at the global level of the utility-scale power plant.


An in-house monitoring software, enabling O&M’s teams and clients to keep track of plant’s data, and to control it remotely, from any connected device in real time. It allow to detect eventual failures, and to set up reactive O&M’s procedures.
The access is fully secured and multi-platform.

O-Track Hz is a patented technology –  International Patent Application WO 2016/071608 & Patent Pending N°US 15 124 659

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